Authenticity Guarantee

The items available on our site are supplied exclusively by official manufacturers. This guarantees the customer the originality and quality of our products.


- We use metal components in brass, anti-rust and anti-allergic nickel free, but this does not guarantee the non-appearance of rust if the shoes are left damp or wet. Dry the shoe thoroughly, and with particular care the inside of the shoe, where water could accumulate inside the stud. Use a hairdryer;

- All models must be placed in cotton bags before putting them in the washing machine but it is always better to wash them by hand gently in cold water, avoiding rubbing the fabrics directly;

- If you really want to use the washing machine, the studs without fabric personalization can be washed at 30 degrees, preferably with quick washes, the personalized fabrics with fabric must be washed with "hand" washing mode in cold water with max 600-800 turns of centrifuge;

- To clean footwear treated with neoprene adhesives or applied fabrics, it is recommended to use cold water, liquid neutral soaps followed by an abundant but quick rinse. Avoid, if possible and as always, washing in the washing machine;

- the silk personalized items absolutely must not touch water, they must be cleaned only with a sponge, cold water and neutral hand soap. Avoid immersion and do not dry in the sun or near heat sources (radiators);

- FOR ANY CLEANING OR WASHING OR CONTACT WITH LIQUIDS, dry them completely and immediately or as soon as possible with the hairdryer from inside to avoid accumulation of water inside the studs. Until completely dry. This is in all cases of contact with water or liquids as mentioned;

For better maintenance of your EV8 Style products, a delicate wash is recommended. It is recommended not to proceed with the dryer but also using a traditional hairdryer, or in the air, not in the sun, and away from heat sources.